Possibly the World’s Only Inclusive Vegan Marshmallow – whether you follow an allergy, religious or lifestyle diet – we aim to leave nobody out! Shop our fluffy gelatine-free mallows of all shapes, sizes and flavours!

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Mini Strawberry Pink Marshmallow 1kg

£ 16.80

White Vanilla Mini 1kg 10x12mm

£ 16.80

Micro Pink Vanilla 1kg Bags ONE TIME [...]

Micro Bits Whites Vanilla (7mmx7mm)

£ 16.80

Micro Pink Vanilla 1kg Bags

£ 16.80

One Case 10 X 250g Mini Pink [...]

£ 42.00

Big Mini’s-Vanilla White-15mm [...]

£ 16.80

Classic White Vanilla 1kg Bag

£ 16.80

Mango Mini Mallows 1kg

£ 16.80

Lemon Mini Marshmallows 1kg

£ 16.80

Choc Vanilla Vegan Bites 100g

Choc Strawberry Vegan Mallow Bites 100g

Vanilla Choc Mallow Bites Case 10x100g

Strawberry Choc Mallow Bites Case 10x100g

2021 Roasting-Toasting Marshmallow Fun Kit +

£ 12.00

Plant Based S’mores Deluxe Kit [...]

£ 19.99

Summer Mallow Bundle

£ 15.00

Micro White Vanilla (7mmx10mm)

£ 16.80

Freedom Home Baking Kit & Norah’s Brownies

£ 10.00

Rocky Road Heart Clusters

S’mores Heart Chocolates

Scrumptious Rocky Road Bar


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