Find out some of the ways Freedom Confectionery is working to reduce its environmental impact and go carbon neutral!

  • Solar Thermal Panels – the sun heats our water
  • 15kW Wind Turbine – wonderful wind power
  • Air Handling Units – heat recovery and clean air distribution as opposed air conditioning
  • LED Lights on PIR & Lux Sensors – if its bright enough the lights turn/stay off – no light unless there is movement
  • EV Chargers – if we must drive let it be green
  • Duplex Printers – if we have to print its double-sided
  • Bicycle Rack – employees encouraged to cycle to work (cycle to work scheme in place)
  • Male & Female Showers – to refresh after the morning cycle or gym work-out
  • Fully Equipped Gymnasium – keeping our employees healthy in body and mind
  • Greenhouse + Veggie Patch – reducing road mile for our employees meals
  • Zip Hydrotaps – instant boiling water and chilled filtered water – considerably more energy efficient than the traditional kettle
  • Dyson Hand-dryers – reducing our use of paper towels
  • Segregated Waste Stations – paper/cardboard, plastics, general waste
  • 100Mbps Leased Line – to facilitate teleconferencing mitigating road miles
  • Renewable suppliers – energy procured from utility companies that have renewable energy sources
  • AAA rated energy efficient IT and electrical office equipment
  • Participation in community litter picks


Freedom Confectionery is committed to working towards being carbon neutral and has embraced many environmental impact minimising initiatives.

Sustainability and helping our community stay healthy is very important to us, so we are always looking for ways to do things better and reduce our impact on the environment.


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