Freedom Mallows is family-run home of the melt-in-the-mouth vegan marshmallow made to be enjoyed by everyone! Fluffy, puffy mallow love for your allergy, religious or lifestyle dietary needs!

Freedoms’ Mallowly Mallows are produced in Mallowland in Belgium. Mallowland is a British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited factory. We are available in over 5,000 stores in the UK, distributed throughout the UK’s well-known favourite supermarkets, such as Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Wholefoods. The Mallows are also available directly from the HQ to customers doors both within in UK and Internationally, when ordered direct through the Mallowland shop right here on our website. We currently export to 15 countries!

We cater for the Food Service Industry with bulk products like Vegantics; Regular; Mini + Micro sizes + Sheet Mallows & Bars for various applications – Inclusions or Decorations. Our mallows are versatile and we offer Freeze Dried and Dehydrated, Barrier Coated (Fat, Yoghurt, Chocolate etc).

Our delicious mallows have stared in Cookies, Doughnuts, Ice Creams, Chocolate Bars, Rocky Road Bars, Hot Chocolates, Sweet Pizzas, Cereals, Cakes etc.

We have been Tried, Trusted & Loved by the largest household names since 2013.

Our owners and managers were the majority (95% ) former owners of F T F Sweets Ltd that traded as Goody Good Stuff. Goody Good Stuff was the World’s First Gelatine Free Gummy Sweet. In addition Goody Good Stuff had the same free-from qualities that Freedom Confectionery products have today.

The Freedom Confectionery management team owned Goody Good Stuff between December 2008 and 21st May 2013 when they sold it to Cloetta AB the owners of the Jelly Bean Factory, Chewitts and many more.

Our management team are pioneers and innovators and have been active in the Free From World since 2008 – years before Vegan became “trendy”. We have never produced nor sold products that contain animal by-products and never will. We are passionately vegan and free-from experts – not a gelatine manufacturer launching a product that suits the vegan/plant-based movement to jump on a consumer trend – we have been plant powered since 2008.

• “Free-From Market” Forecast $337.85Bn (Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.5%)
• $51Bn Global Market for Vegan & Vegetarian Products
• UK Vegan Market Worth £572m in 2019 (Mintel)
• Gluten Free Food Projected $6.43Bn
• 72% of U.S. go Gluten Free despite not having Celiac Disease
• Approximately 65% of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy
• Soy is among the eight most common foods inducing allergic reactions in children and adults
• Global Halal Food Market Expected to Reach $2.9 Trillion by 2024 (20% of entire Global Food Trade)
• Global Kosher Market Projected to Reach $60Bn by 2025 (Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.6%)
• Almost 1 in 4 Food Products Launched in the UK in 2019 Labelled Vegan
• Vegatarism; India; 375m (31%), China 68m (5%), Brazil 29.3m (14%), Japan 18.4m (4.7%), USA 20.2m (8%), Mexico 11m (8%), Vietnam 9m (10%), Germany 8m (10%), Philippines 5m (5%), Russia 5.8m (4%), Italy 4.2m (8%), Canada 3.4m (9.4%), France 3.3m (5%), Taiwan 3.3m (14%), UK 3.3m (7%), Poland 3m (8%), Australia 2.5m (12%), Thailand 2.3m (3.3%), Argentina 2.2m (5), Ukraine 2m (5.2%), Chile 1.5m (6%), South Korea 1.5m (3%), Switzerland 1.8m (14%), Israel 1m (13%), Sweden 970k (10%), Belgium 800k (7%), Netherlands 800k (5%), Austria 770k (9%), Spain 700k (1.5%), New Zealand 464k (10.3%), Jamaica 280k (10%), Denmark 250k (5%), Czech Republic 200k (2%), Greece 200k (2%), Portugal 120k (1.2%), Finland 330k (6%), Norway 200k (4%), Latvia 100k (5%), Slovenia 33k (1.6%)
• 469% increase in people interested in Veganism in the UK in the last 5 years (Ceuta Group)
• Approx. 22 million people in UK identifying as ‘Flexitarian’

o 47% of those that took part in Veganuary were going to continue the journey
o 1.31 million people gave up animal products in the UK in January 2019
o 159 Countries took part
o 46% signed up for health-reasons, 34% animal welfare, 12% environment
o 98% would recommend
o Helped the UK grocery industry grow 1.7% (Kantar Worldpanel)
‘The Freedom ‘VISION’ sees no reason why you would choose any other Mallow….than a Freedom Mallow!
‘One Mallow, One World’
– Exquisite smell, taste & texture
– Animal product free & cruelty free, completely Vegan
– Perfect product ranges for baking and making, for the artisan bakers, wholesales and independent stockists
– Allergy free from, mallow memories can be made by all
The Mallows are enjoyed by our team and our families, motivated and moved by personal first-hand experiences from family, friends and charities we work with, we understand how important it is to provide clean and safe products that are allergy free from and to be transparent. We believe raising awareness of what, why and how allergens can affect you, especially in a growing Vegan and changing food industry. Please see our Allergens page and who we work with page for more information on this.


Based in Lancashire – Freedom Confectionery Limited was incorporated in 2013 following 10 years Research & Development perfecting the recipe and process from kitchen to production line so our wonderful mallows can be enjoyed by the masses.
Freedom Mallows are the UK’s Original Gelatine Free Marshmallow. Free-From; Gelatine, Gluten, Diary, Egg, Fat, Nut & Soy. GMO, No Artificial Colours nor Flavours. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans and those following Halal and Kosher requirements. Suitable for those with Allergies and Intolerances.

Our vision is “one mallow… one world” – an inclusive Marshmallow suitable for everyone (no-one is left out whether following an allergy, religious or lifestyle diet).

Freedom Confectionery is a passionate family run business who strive to provide a first-class service to our customers, constantly innovating and developing. With fantastic customer service and consistently expanding product ranges, such as the new chocolate coated range, we are very well established, offering lots of exciting mallow experiences.


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