Moona Payment Option

Moona is an unique online payment solution that offers £5 discounts to the shoppers on each order 👥

Following a 5 day free trial – their model is based on a bi-annual membership (£29.99) paid by shoppers, allowing you to receive unlimited £5 discounts on each order.

Moona is a cross merchant solution. Once a Moona member, your membership works on all Moona’s merchants’ partners ( 🛒

Moona want to reinvent the online shopping experience, by focusing on building a unique shopper-centric solution. Their mission is to simplify shoppers’ online experience by offering high value-added services through a “super checkout”. 🏆

Moona offers its members the best online checkout experience: unlimited instant discounts, 1-click payment, and soon: free returns, free shipping, anti-fraud guarantees, options to pay later or in instalments, and many other services.

Their goal is to build the new standard for online payment.

Moona uses Stripe-powered technology meaning credit card details stay safe, always.  Stripe offers a PCI compliance level 1, the highest standard in the card payment industry.  Shoppers can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB.

Moona is only available for merchants registered in the United Kingdom, at the moment. It will soon expand to countries like the US, Canada, and Australia.

Freedom Confectionery Limited will continue to offer customers the choice to pay via PayPal and Credit Card in additional to Moona/Stripe.  Please note the minimum spend to take advantage of Moona is £10, however, with £5 discount that’s the equivalent to 50% discount!

Freedom Confectionery Limited and Moona are totally separate legal entities.  If you choose to trial Moona during their free trial period it is your responsibility to cancel within the 5 day period if you believe their solution is not for you.

A list of shopper FAQ’s are available here;

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