In the trade - Food Technologist, NPD, Buyer? Since 2013 our mallows have been put through their paces by some of the biggest names in the industry; available in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags

We are the natural choice for your customers – possibly the World’s Only Inclusive Plant Based Marshmallow leaving nobody out…

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Cosy Christmas Hot Choc Kit

£ 14.50      £ 9.99

Mini Pink Vanilla 1kg Bags

£ 16.80      £ 14.00

BBQ Pink and White Vegantics 1kg

£ 16.80      £ 14.00

BBQ Pink and White Vegantics 500g – [...]

Vegan Sugar Coated Fruit Jellies 1kg Packs

£ 8.50      £ 6.80

Vegan Fizzy Gummy Bears 1kg

£ 8.50      £ 6.80

Classic White Vanilla Vegan Marshmallows 1kg Bag [...]

£ 16.80      £ 14.00

Vegumi Gummy Bears 1kg

£ 8.50      £ 6.80


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