We were the 1st in the World to bring a Vegan Marshmallow Twin Bar Smothered in Dairy Free Chocolate to market – MallowOut! They said it couldn’t be done!

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Choc Vanilla Vegan Bites 100g

Choc Strawberry Vegan Mallow Bites 100g

Vanilla Choc Mallow Bites Case 10x100g

Strawberry Choc Mallow Bites Case 10x100g

Plant Based S’mores Deluxe Kit [...]

£ 19.99

Freedom Home Baking Kit & Norah’s Brownies

£ 10.00

Rocky Road Heart Clusters

S’mores Heart Chocolates

Scrumptious Rocky Road Bar

Marshmallow Candle and Vanilla MallowOut Bar

Marshmallow Candle and Strawberry MallowOut Bar

Bath Bomb & Strawberry Mallow Out Bar

Bath Bomb & Vanilla Mallow Out Bar


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