New Show On The Go

posted by Kia Gardner, July 21 2020

A new online show, ‘vegan around the world’, launched last week. The show teaches its audience how to change classic cakes and make them completely vegan!

The show will be hosted by baker and author Sara Kidd and made its debut on Facebook last week and is available to watch through her dedicated ‘Patreon’ account.

Classics such as Angel cake, sponge and Chinese moon cakes will be just some of the mallowtastic cakes to be veganised!

In collaboration with Natures Charm, a vegan company that sell desserts and other sweet treats, Sara will be making cakes and desserts using some of their ingredients!

The purpose for this new show is to get people interested and encourage vegan baking and making small changes that everyone can enjoy and eat! We hope to see our fantastic mallows in some of her reimagined recipes!

We hope you have a watch and try them for yourselves! Don’t forget…Mallows make a great cake topper!




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