Morning Baked Mallow Oats

posted by Elvin Willgrass, March 25 2021

Raspberry s’mores baked oats🍫

218 cals✨


Kavanagh’s organic oats
Unsweetened almond milk
Cocoa powder
@freedommallows mini marshmallows
Rich tea biscuit crumbs


Blend 25g of oats with a teaspoon of cocoa powder.

Mix with 50ml of almond milk (or your choice of milk) in a baking dish and add raspberries (or your choice of fruit).

Bake for 20 mins on gas mark 6.

Top with freedom mini mallows and grill until golden, before topping with half a crushed biscuit (while you eat the other half!).

“Yum! I love marshmallows and was so excited to find these @freedommallows – had to get them in my breakfast this morning😅 Hoping for a slower day today as I was non-stop yesterday, and looking forward to a mcds fakeaway later🥳”

Bakedoats / Diary Free / GMO Free / Halal Suitable / Kosher Suitable / mallows / marshmallow / No Artificial Colours / No Artificial Flavours / Nut Free / OATS / peanut / Plant Based / recipe / Vegan / Vegan Breakfast


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