Marshmallow S’mores Pie

posted by Kia Gardner, June 29 2021

Check out this amazing Marshmallow S’mores Pie by @ohthatvegangirl_ Lisa has created this perfect mix of soft and crunchy dessert using our Vegantics! Check it out!


1 pie crust
90g vegan chocolate (I used borneville)
125g vegan cream
100g icing sugar
50g cocoa powder
2 tbsp plant milk
1 bag @freedommallows big marshmallows (add extra little uns too if you want)

Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of water, once melted remove from heat, and stir in the cream, once combined, sift in the icing sugar and cocoa powder and whisk together, stir in the milk, and pour into the pie crust.

Now add your marshmallows, I toasted mine before with a little tin of flammable stuff but I think it would be good either way.

Then set in the fridge for a couple of hours and enjoy!

chocolate / Marshmallows / Smores / Vegan / vegan baking


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