Mallowtastic Toppings

posted by Chelsey Needham, June 23 2021

The first time Georgiana has tried Baked Oats…have you tried them yet? Baked Oats are all about the Toppings and our Freedom Mallows win everytime! Find out how to make your energy packed breakfast or power up snack:


45g of rolled oats

10g of chia seeds

25g of protein powder (I use misfits double chocolate)

1 cup of milk vegan

1/4 tsp baking powder

10g sweet freedom choc shot


11g mini marshmallows


Put everything except the marshmallow and choc shot into a blender and blend until it’s like a liquid. Put half the mixture into a ramekin then put in your choc shot and top the rest of it with the remaining mix and marshmallows. put it into the oven at 350°c for 20 minutes.

If you are interested in food recovery check out: @recoveringwithg.x

Many thanks for this recipe

dairy free / Gelatine Free / GMO Free / Halal Suitable / Kosher Suitable / marshmallow / Vegan / vegan baking / Vegetarian


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