Happy May Day – Celebrate with Freedom Mallows…

posted by Mark Hepworth, April 29 2020

[vc_row el_id=”1588346314113-5d42e8fd-ce41″][vc_column][vc_column_text]We may recognise this Day as simply a Spring Bank Holiday.

But for how many of us at this strange time are actually, due to the coronavirus, already taking a break from work?

You’ve probably heard about the funny idea of dancing around a May Pole on this day, but have you heard of the May Day Basket tradition?

If you had lived in the 19th /20th Century you may have been busy yesterday preparing a basket of sweet treats and flowers, to be left on someone specials door. You may just be checking your own front door this morning to see if there is a basket of flowers and sweet treats left just for you too!

Yet, here we are in the 21st Century and perhaps life doesn’t look too different from this at all at the moment.

How many of us are appreciating deliveries right to our door, maybe not baskets but boxes, delivered to protect ourselves and others at this time?

Freedom Mallows are busy keeping the nation’s favourite vegan sweet Mallow treat deliveries going, so that the hot chocolates can be topped, bakers can bake away and all can keep calm with their Mallow Out Bars!

How many of us, have also taken it upon ourselves to look out for one another, by sending deliveries, dropping parcels of supplies and sending gifts out of compassion to raise the spirits, due to the separation of the community?

There is something quite nostalgic about this, not like when you buy something from the shop on the day you intend to get it, with deliveries and gifts you’re never quite sure what day it will arrive, nor how long it will take.

The element of mystery and surprise is at play!

When the May day baskets were left by the doors, they were said to be a sign of saying goodbye to the April showers, that watered the flowers that have been picked, welcoming the warmer weather to come.

The baskets of sweets & flowers were also a way of an admirer letting that special person know …if they were caught leaving the basket on the step that is…

Vegetarian Week

For Freedom Mallows, the UK’S NO.1 Gelatine Free Mallow Company, May 2020 is actually a Spring Celebration of National Vegetarian Week 11th-17th May run by the Vegetarian society.

Vegetarian week raises awareness of why plant-based living can be appealing, particularly focusing on making this lifestyle change more accessible and understood.

You may not have been aware that when you previously ate Marshmallows, they contained Gelatine, made from the ground down tissues and bones of animals!

Freedom Mallows’ well-loved uncoated creamy Vanilla and Summer Strawberry Flavoured mallows are made from an exceptionally creative innovative recipe, that does not require or contain Gelatine as a binding agent, making them completely not only vegetarian but actually vegan friendly too with no dairy in their either.

The special Freedom Mallow recipe is Gluten Free, Diary Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, GMO Free, No Artificial Colours or Flavours and Halal and Kosher Suitable meaning they are guilt free sweetness and the customers say the Mallows taste all the better. Yum. Yum.

For some people being vegetarian or vegan is not a choice, but a necessity due to religion and health requirements with the biggest one of those being allergies! Therefore, Freedoms Mallows are not simply catering to a niche market, but actually giving Freedom to the many, for all to be able to enjoy and share.

Freedom Mallows also offer a luxury velvety dark chocolate coated Mallow Range, with Mallow Bites, Bars and Hot Chocolate Bombs filled with Mini Mallows. All ranges are made with Natural Flavours & Colours, halal suitable and kosher suitable.  * Choc Mallow Bites are certified Peanut Free, MallowOut Bars and Hot Choc Stirrers/Bombs are produced in a facility that contains Nuts & Peanuts (We are working on sourcing a facility so t0 offer nut free).

This year, the Vegetarian Society’s Veg Week theme is all about ‘classic’ meals. How making simple plant-based recipe swaps means everyone can enjoy them! So here is it a Spring Sweet Treat Dessert recipe with the fantastic Freedom Mallows for you all here!

Freedom Mallows are inviting you to celebrate Spring & Vegetarian Week, inspired by the old May Basket Tradition, by running ‘Cedric’s Jar Competition’. Bringing back mystery, surprise and compassion with the classic Guess How Many…not Sweets… but Melt-in-the-Mouthiness Mallows are in the Jar!

Cedric’s Jar Competition

“Competition Time” Join in!

GUESS how many Freedom Mallows are in Cedric’s Jar?

Should you guess the number right or be the closest to the correct amount, you will WIN everything in the above picture (glass jar not included)!

The good box will be delivered right to your door OR to a door of your choice.

*Have you ever tasted a Freedom Mallow….so full of melt-in-the-mouthiness and guess what…they are gelatine and allergy free, fully vegan so ALL are able to enjoy and share in this wonderful treat*

To be in with a chance of WINNING please:

Competition Closes Friday 22nd May 2020.

In the meantime…Freedom Mallows are currently offering Free delivery on orders of £35+ and 10% Subscribe & Save Offer when you receive your sweet Mallows treat on a regular basic weekly/monthly/bi-monthly.

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Diary Free / Egg Free / Gelatine Free / Gluten Free / GMO Free / Halal Suitable / Kosher Suitable / May Day / No Artificial Colours / No Artificial Flavours / Nut Free / Soy Free / Vegan / Vegetarian / Vegetarian Week


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