Freedom Sweet! Why do people choose vegan/vegetarian lifestyles?

posted by Elvin Willgrass, September 29 2020

Sweet treats are essentially a luxury of life not a necessity! If sweet treats, desserts or snacks don’t have to contain animal products, should they contain them if they are causing suffering to sentient animals? What a dilemma!!!

Vegetarians and vegans usually agree on the importance of having respect for ‘sentient life’. This is recognising animals have the capacity to feel, perceive and experience things outside of themselves (subjectivity) just like humans do. Therefore, animals should be treated accordingly, to these capacities, which means not causing them suffering or pain. As the Vegan Society states “sentient creatures have the right to life and freedom”.

Imagine just for a minute, if instead of causing animals (such as pigs, cows, chickens) pain and suffering we did things to enhance their lives instead or that they existed just because they bring happiness to our lives as our pets do?

Through various documentaries such as ‘Cowspriacy: the sustainability secret’ we have all become aware of the harsh truths of bulk and mass production of animal products and the meat industry which ultimately condemns animals to a life of production and suffering. Can this suffering ever really be avoided in meat/dairy/egg production?

Let us make it easy for you. Put the ethical dilemmas to the side, our Freedom Mallows give you a clear conscience every time! Freedom Mallows taste all the sweeter knowing no animals have had to suffer. So next time you are making a choice in the supermarket for your dessert, treat, or snack, no need for dilemma, just grab a bag of Freedom Mallows instead!

The only dilemma you should be having is whether to go for our Chocolate Coated range with our mallow out bars (picture right) or our classical Pink and White range (Picture left), just like our wonderful Italian Fashion and lifestyle blogger @Debbie_soncini  depicts beautifully here:


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