Dipping into Chocolate …

posted by Elvin Willgrass, February 9 2021

Freedom Confectionery dip into Vegan Chocolate.

Inspired by Valentines February 2021 Freedom have launched THREE NEW vegan chocolate products: S’mores Chocolate Hearts, Rocky Road Clusters and the Rocky Road Bar, available exclusively on the Freedom Mallows website.

Nothing goes better than Chocolate and Mallows, and the Freedom Mallows customers definitely know this.

Summer 2020 Freedoms’ Roasting & Toasting fun kits boasting a bag of Vegan Moo Free Chocolate Buttons flew off the shelves while Winter 2020 saw the BOOM of the Vegan Hot Chocolate bomb, the perfect small playful gift that made it’s way into the many stockings at Christmas.

Freedom Confectionery despite the uncertainty of a changing enviornment that 2020 has brought has risen above launching The Worlds First Gelatine Marshmallow Twin Bar Drenched in Diary Free Chocolate “MallowOut in Creamy Vanilla or Fresh Strawberry” and The World’s First Chocolate Coated Vegan Gummy Bar “Pusheen Vegumi Bar”. Taste sensations!

What’s Freedom’s Secret for their Valentines range? That would be the taste sensational pairing of possibly The World’s Only Inclusive Marshmallow – Full of Mallowy Melt in the Mouthiness with the Award winning Slattery Slattery Patissier & Chocolatiers. Two Lancashire companies, both family run businesses combining their skills and expertise, dipping into the Vegan Chocolate Market together.

Abillionveg.com have published a recent article ‘Biting into the Vegan Chocolate Market’ showing this niche market of vegan chocolate is experiencing rapid growth. Vegan Chocolate currently holds 40% market share of the total vegan confectionery market and the expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 12% from 2020-2027 over taking the traditional chocolate market estimations. Demand for vegan chocolate is booming with ‘Europe currently the largest market for plant-based chocolate’.

Freedom Confectionery are proud to be dipping into the Vegan Chocolate Market as they continue to show they are true innovators and constantly able to meet the demands of their customers offering choice and variety of products and the perfect accompaniments.

See the full Freedom Mallows Chocolate range here!

The Freedom Mallows Chocolate range is Halal & Kosher Suitable, Gluten Free, Gelatine Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free. Whilst this product is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Egg Free, fully vegan it is produced on premises where these ingredients are present.

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