S’More Mallow Sundae

posted by Elvin Willgrass, July 16 2020


S’More Mallow Sundae

S’more is usually a popular savoured American campfire treat


have you seen what our friends over at DÁPPA have created?

This is one Classy Sassy Sundae. 


The S’more and extra ….mallowy melt-in-the-mouthiness … Mallows, make the perfect Summer Sundae topping.

DÁPPA have cleverly contrasted our soft and fluffy Pink (Strawberry) & White (Vanilla) Mallows with their ‘Outrageously Creamy’ blended almond and cashew ice cream.

Saskia from DÁPPA is sure you will be wanting Some More…

(If you have any allergies/specific dietary requirements there are many Vegan Ice Creams popping up in the supermarkets check out: Northern co, Miiro, Judes, Naturli, Fravocado and Swedish glaze.)


Recipe for 1 Sundae:


  • 2 Biscuits for the S’More Topping
  • Approx 2 Biscuits for the base of your Sundae
  • 1 Large Chocolate Bar of your choice such as Moofree or Raw Halo
  • A tub of DÁPPA Ice Cream
  • A bag of Freedom Mallows Vegantics
  • A bag of Freedom Mallows Mini’s


  • Smash Up the 2 biscuits for the base (leave the other couple of biscuits to the side for the S’more).
  • Place a couple of the smashed biscuits at the bottom of your Sundae glass.
  • Place a handful of some mini Freedom Mallows at the bottom of your sundae glass on top of the biscuits.
  • Take a piece of chocolate and set it to the side, while keeping the rest of the chocolate bar for the chocolate sauce.
  • In a Saucepan of hot boiling water, place a heat proof bowl above to melt the chocolate and place to oneside. Make sure the chocolate does not burn when it’s melting, keep stirring.
  • Drizzle some of the melted chocolate over the mini mallows.

  • Take a roasting stick or alternative. Roast a Freedom Vegantic Mallow on your hob or in the oven under the grill for just a few seconds – one minute. You want the mallow to be very lightly toasted, soft with a subtle golden colour.
  • Once roasted, place it on one biscuit and your piece of chocolate on the other biscuit, then squeeze them both together.
  • Place a few scoops of DÁPPA ice cream into the sundae cup.
  • Add Some More Freedom Mallows, Minis & Vegantics.
  • Decorate as you like with your chocolate sauce and any remaining biscuit bits leftover from the base.
  • Finally top your Sundae with your S’Mores.
  • Enjoy & Make your Mallow Memories.

We also recommend choosing your own mallows and experimenting with your own way of dressing your Sundae….

Find your mallows here

Find your ice cream here

Full Video of how to make your Sundae with many thanks to Saskia: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CB8B7BBJpsA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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